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Post by A F K When Needed on Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:59 am


In the last 12 hours, Wikia have accidentally our skin. Sometimes it loads normally, on other occasions it ignores MediaWiki:Common.css wholesale. As that's where the vast majority of our customizations are located this, needless to say, has a very visible result. We basically load with the default new skin.

I've annoyed Wikia in multiple ways over this, and expect a resolution shortly. I've given them both a timeframe of when the problem has existed, as well as information which should help them narrow down the cause.

Unfortunately this isn't a local issue, it's their mess up and there's nothing I can do to alleviate the problem, sorry.

I'll (try to remember to) update this Topic when I get any news.

Cheers for being patient, etc.

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